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Kane Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation | Park Lane Clinic


My name is Ruben Kane and I studied at Plymouth Marjon University for 3 years receiving a degree in Rehabilitation in Sport and Exercise. When studying at university I attained qualifications in sports massage and personal training while being heavily focused on injuries that not only occur in sport, but also in day to day life. I also worked with Plymouth Argyle Football Club with the first team, working under the head Physiotherapist, which included giving soft tissue and deep tissue massage to the players. This helped me understand further the importance of high quality treatment and how I wanted to translate that to my own practice.

I also worked in Plymouth Marjons sports therapy and rehabilitation clinic which gave me excellent experience in treating clients with non-sporting injuries such as back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder and much more. This prepared me for thinking on my feet and creating plans for my patients when unexpected injuries and situations arose and eradicating them as quickly and sufficiently as possible.

It is my goal to treat every client in a calm, trusting, professional environment and return them to exercise or daily living as quickly as possible. I can assure that every client that I treat leaves feeling more free and feeling better physically and mentally than when they walked in. I can create rehabilitation programs when needed and will give clear knowledgeable advice and instructions for you to take home with you in order to speed up your recovery or reduce the chance of the injury occurring again.

Injury Diagnosis & Initial Treatment

1 hour • £30.00 (Duration may vary)

Half of this session will include a subjective and objective assessment, followed by a diagnosis of the injury. The initial treatment will then begin. This will include any form of treatment that is deemed necessary to decrease the symptoms present.

Sports massage
1 hour • £25.00 (Duration may vary)
A Sports Massage delivered to your doorstop: This session will involve a 30 minute massage however is dependent on the severity of your muscular tightness. This treatment will also ensure that you leave feeling fresh and more supple.
Rehabilitation Programs
1 hour • £50.00 (Duration may vary)
A 4 week rehabilitation program will be given to you when requested. These will give you daily tasks to complete in order to help decrease your pain whilst also increasing your strength and flexibility. Please contact us for more details.