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Advanced Electrolysis | Park Lane Clinic

Advanced Electrolysis

Advanced Electrolysis enables the therapist to treat minor skin blemishes almost anywhere on the body. These include Skin Tags, Milia, Spider Thread Veins, Red Blood spots and Spider Naevus.

  • Broken Red Vein



Skin Tags

Skin Tags are small growths that hang off your skin. They are common and harmless but can be permanently removed with Advanced Electrolysis


Broken Red Capilliaries

Also known as Threadveins, these are very common and easily treated with Advanced Electrolysis



Milia are small milky-white spots that appear either alone or in groups and are harmless Keratin filled lumps of dead skin trapped in the pores.


Red Blood Spots

Red Blood Spots are also known as Campbell de Morgan spots are very common condition, consisting of a collection of small blood vessels


Spider Naevus

Spider Naevus are small clumps of blood vessels usually with centre and ‘spider’ legs radiating


Pricing options for Advanced Electrolysis

All treatments begin with a free consultation where the therapist will assess your overall health and suitability for treatment and provide you with a detailed plan and a firm price.

Either £85 for a single lesion, or £145 for up to 10 lesions and £12 per additional blemish. (These can consist of a mix and match approach)

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